Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The lotus flower

Isisip: On the "my music collection" CD, there is a song called the lotus flower. The lotus flower is very special. It has symbolic meanings in a lot of Asian religions. It is a symbol of purity for the heart and mind. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and slowly rises up to the water surface moving towards the light. It then begins to blossom and turns into a beautiful flower.

Some people think that the lotus flower represents life and is a symbol for awakening.
In life, we struggle but in the end we will grow and change into something beautiful, or we may have hard times but we will finally see the light.

The lotus flower remix

The lotus flower remix version video was released on the internet on February 20, 2009:

This track "The lotus flower remix" is included on the "Memories" album.
Track list of the "Memories" album:

1. Eternal beauty piano version
2. Eternal beauty piano and violin version
3. Waltz of the flowers
4. Rainbow memories
5. The lotus flower dance (extended version of the lotus flower)
6. The lotus flower remix
7. Starry Night - guitar music
8. Baroque Finale - guitar music
9. Desert night dance music
10. Myth - horror film music
11. Blues piano improvisation (audio from the blues piano improvisation video on youtube, without the background noise!)
12. Dutch's blues (audio from the Dutch's blues video on youtube)

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